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Active Health Club

Our Active pet Heath Club offers all of the benefits below and all at substantial savings!

Is Your Pet a VIP Member of Our Active Health Club Yet?

The very best preventative healthcare package for your Very Important Pet.

Platinum VIP Plan

Who is it for?

Our PlatinumVIP Plan has been designed to provide a tailored preventative healthcare solution for clients who want the best preventative healthcare package for their pets. The Platinum VIP package is suitable for pets of all ages.

Your monthly Platinum VIP Plan payment includes:

  • Routine booster vaccinations or half price platinum puppy or kitten packs*

  • Comprehensive monthly flea & tick control (spot on in cats and tablets in dogs)

  • Strategic worming program including monthly lungworm control in dogs

  • Twice yearly vet health assessment (one at the time of vaccination)

  • Two complementary nurse consultations including nail clipping, anal glands, nutritional and behavioural advice

*Free vaccination once your pet has been a member for 3 months

Additional benefits include discounts on the following:

  • Neutering
  • Selected Dental Treatments
  • Microchipping
  • Additional Vaccinations (kennel cough) or Endectoparasitacides
  • 10% off Animal House Vets Grain Free and Hypoallergenic Diets
  • 25% off Purina Diet Foods

What is the cost and how do I join?

See the cost of our plans below. Get in touch with your practice so we can give you and your pet a warm welcome to the Club!

Cat Care Plan £14.60/month
Dog Care Plan £16.60/month