Check out our range of services across our four surgeries across Bristol

Across our four surgeries, we have excellent facilities and up-to-date equipment so that we can provide a comprehensive medical and surgical service for your pet.

We are equipped with separate sterile operating theatres at Chalks Rd, Westbury Park and Chipping Sodbury with digital x-ray, on-site blood testing facilities along with a portable ultrasound machine, ECG and endoscopy. This means that, in most cases, pets can be treated quickly and effectively within Animal House Vets. However, if referrals are necessary, we have excellent relationships with a range of referral specialists who are able to advise on the best option for you and your pet.

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  • Blood Testing
  • Dentistry
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  • Microchipping
  • Nurse Clinics
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  • Referral Orthopaedic Surgery
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We use modern intravenous and inhalation anaesthesia suitable for day case surgery.

All sites have access to anaesthetic equipment with pure oxygen. On sites with sterile operating theatres, we have oxygen generating facilities.

We have on-site blood testing equipment which can help manage the risk of anaesthesia particularly in older or ill pets. We are also able to administer intra-venous fluids to maintain both hydration and blood pressure and we would always recommend this in older pets, ill pets or in certain other circumstances.

Blood Testing

We have ultra modern haematology machines at our Chalks Road, Westbury Park and Chipping Sodbury Surgeries along with a industry standard chemistry machines – allowing for rapid on-site diagnostics as well an pre-anaesthetic disease screening.

Blood Pressure Monitoring

We have a veterinary specific doppler blood pressure monitor which we can use to measure blood pressure in a range of pets both whilst under anaesthesia or for regular monitoring when they may have hypertension (yes it happens especially in older cats!).


We have excellent dental equipment across Animal House Vets.

Our Chalks Rd, Westbury Park and Chipping Sodbury sites all have high speed, air driven dental drill units, along with ultrasonic polishing units. We have also recently invested in vet specific dental X-ray units which are compatible with the digital X-ray at both our Chalks Rd and Chipping Sodbury Surgeries.


We have both a portable ECG machine plus an ECG integrated into our state of the art ultrasound machine.

This means that we are now able to offer more detailed cardiac (heart) investigations where previously we would have needed to refer pets.


It is the law now that all dogs must be micro-chipped by 8 weeks of age. We can micro-chip your pets – please ask the team for further details and the best age to “chip”.

Nurse Clinics

We offer a range of nurse clinics covering a range of services including:

Puppy & Kitten Checks

A new puppy or kitten is a fun experience, but there is a lot to learn about looking after the new member of your family. Our nurses can offer advice on all matters of healthcare including diet, microchipping, worming, behaviour and basic training and parasite control.

Adolescent Checks

At 6-9 months old, your pet starts making the transition from puppy or kitten to adult. We now offer a free of charge examination with one of the vets or nurses to check that everything is progressing as expected and to discuss with you important changes you may need to make such as diet, exercise, parasite control and neutering.

Post-op Checks

After anaesthesia, surgery and/or dental work we normally request a post-operative check with one of our nurses so they can check your pet has fully recovered.

General Nutrition & Weight Reduction Clinics

Putting your pet on a diet is not easy, but the effects of obesity in our pets are just as severe as in humans (heart disease, arthritis, diabetes, etc.) We find many owners benefit from a helping hand with a weight reduction programme and advice from our qualified Pet Healthcare Advisors. The nursing team have had some fantastic success with the new Hills Metabolic Diets – if you want some help – just speak to one of the team and they will point you in  the right direction.

Dental Clinics

Our nurses can help you maintain a gleaming pet smile! They are able to advise on many methods of dental care including teeth brushing, enzymatic toothpastes and the Hills t/d and dental sticks/chews.

International Pet Travel

If you are travelling abroad, we are able to handle the complete process of microchipping, vaccinating against rabies and issuing a Pet Passport.

Please note your pet must be microchipped and have a rabies vaccination given a MINIMUM of 3 weeks before the date of intended travel.

If you are travelling outside of the Pet Passport qualifying countries then you will need to take advice from DEFRA as to the exact requirements for travelling. We have an LVI (licensed veterinary inspector) within the team who is able to process the paper work for you.

For more information about travelling to the EU after Brexit, read our blog!

Referral Orthopaedic Surgery

We are lucky to have a visiting orthopaedic surgeon who is able to take on some of the more complex surgical procedures that can now be undertaken on your pet and which will often offer a better prognosis for your pet. This includes complex knee surgery (cruciate disease and luxating patella), fractures and arthroscopy.

Ultrasound Scanning

We have recently invested in a referral standard ultrasound machine. This machine is portable and therefore we can transport it to any of our surgeries for use. Not only do we use this for things like pregnancy diagnosis, but we are increasingly using this for advanced diagnostics – both scanning abdomens and hearts of our patients.


We have invested in digital X-ray in our practices where we undertake advanced surgery (Chalks Road, Westbury Park & Chipping Sodbury).

The key advantage of digital is the quality of the radiographs. In addition, as the files are digital, these can easily be sent by email or dropbox to specialists for an expert opinion where this is required.