Nurse Clinics

We offer a range of nurse clinics for your pets

  • Puppy and Kitten Weight Checks
  • Nail Clips, Anal Glands & Tick Removals
  • Post-Operative Checks
  • Weight Clinics
  • Geriatric Health Clinics
  • Bandage change clinics
  • Pet Health Club 6-month Health Check

Puppy and Kitten Weight Checks

Your kitten or puppy will be growing at a rapid rate and will need flea and worm treatment once a month. As they are growing, we need to keep an up to date record of their weight to make sure they are receiving the correct dosage of flea and wormer for them.

Nail Clips, Anal Glands & Tick Removals

Does your pet regularly need their nails clipped or have their anal glands expressed?

Instead of booking in with one of our vets, our qualified nurses are able to clip your pet’s nails, express their anal glands and remove those pesky ticks in the summer months, all at a reduced rate.

Post-Operative Checks

Following surgery or dental treatment, our Veterinary Nurses can help guide you through your pet’s recovery, monitor wounds, and carry out treatment as requested by the Veterinary Surgeon.

Weight Clinics

As an increasing number of pets become overweight, we are seeing further health problems develop such as heart disease, arthritis and diabetes. These clinics provide the opportunity to develop a tailor-made weight-loss plan for your pet, whilst giving you all the encouragement and support. We will also give advice on exercise and provide follow-up sessions to give support with weight loss.

Geriatric Health Clinics

Large breed dogs are considered geriatric from 5 years old, and smaller breed dogs from 8 years old. Cats are classed as geriatric from 10 years of age. In our geriatric health clinics, we can do regular top to toe checks of your pet, run in house blood and urine tests to check organ function, and advise you on little changes that you can adopt around the house as your pets reach their older years. The initial consult will take place with one of our nurses, who then may advice you book up a follow appointment with a vet.

Bandage change clinics

Our Veterinary Nurses can change your pets dressing or bandages, assess wounds and report to the Veterinary Surgeon as required.

Pet Health Club 6-month Health Check

Our nurses lead the 6 month health checks for our Pet Health Club members. They will conduct a thorough head-to tail health check, including the common ailments such as checking teeth, anal glands and claws. Our nurses will also talk through preventative care e.g. nutrition and dentistry.

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